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This is a free service for trend followers and long-term investors.

You need to know the trends to be able to invest in the right ones. This daily report shows you the short and medium trends on all the important investment vehicles.

I also monitor long-term trading systems and offer education and investing webinars all free of charge. This free membership is a great tool to have in your investing arsenal. It even comes with an optional private membership area filled with educational investing information.

I strive to stuff this service with lots of value for you.

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Swing trade 3x ETFs for explosive gains in 5 days or less.

Based on 40 years of trading experience I have boiled trading down to the essence. I use the 10 most liquid ETFs that also have low-spread options to put together profitable trades.

Placing my trades first thing in the morning opens up the rest of my day for living life. It takes minutes in the morning. Your time is precious - don't waste it on day trading.

I accumulate about 80 live trades in an actual trading account per year that result in a 50-80% annual return. 

As a member of this service you also receive the free Investment Trend Timer and private membership area.  

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SPY trades in the 3xETF service

In this example from 2015 I took several trades in a sideways choppy market. Profit targets were hit. I show static and dynamic support and resistance lines and not shown on this image are oscillators and volume indicators. In 2015 I took over 19% out of the SPY in less than 6 months. The 3xETF service is also profitable in bear markets. In this way it is a great complement to a long portfolio. Since only trading SPY in 2015 I have diversified into 10 ETFs representing the most liquid ETF options markets. 

UVXY is my favorite options trade. 

I scored over 200% each on these 3 day trades. The fear index moves independently from the stock indices, though often in the opposite way. It is an excellent advance indicator gauging fear or trepidation at least. It provides a great feel of the market. As a leveraged ETF it has a decidedly negative bias and needs to be traded with that in mind. It is an explosive trading vehicle for serious traders. Proper trade sizing required, but that is true for all trades and investments.

Trading Results

There are two columns of results, one for the 3x ETF trades and one for my options trades. All trades are taken live. I maintain a detailed spreadsheet that provides the necessary information to monitor the trading parameters. It is available as a download from the members area if you would like to buy it ($12). The image will show our current results once they start coming in. 

A simple Philsophy

No hype - just a robust trading service to make money in as little time as possible.

I could hawk my service to be worth $4995.- and then offer a discount  today only at $1995.- and then give a special with a count down clock for "just" $995.- because you are here now. That's not my style. My service and pretty much everything else is $12. Why? I was born on 12/12 and 12 is my lucky number. It's that simple. I don't sell this service to make a million dollars, my trading is doing that for me.

You, as a subscriber, have to have a little skin in the game and $12 pays for the overhead so that's a good number. Fair to you and fair to me. It is also flexible and easy to try out. Your 'risk' is just $12 for one month, cancel any time and start back up any time, as you wish. I offer one discount - buy one year for $148 and get one year free. That comes out to $6 a month.

Do yourself a favor and stop signing up for all the free stuff - it might be free but it costs you your time! If you are a trader and you really want to make money settle into one service and really dig into that one service. Follow it for at least 6 months and give it a chance to work for you. So many traders just skip from one to the other and never make money. I have been at it for over 40 years. I can show you how trading works.  


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