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Get selective high-probability trades, specifically picked to deliver the quickest percentage returns in 2 to 10 days. Profit targets are 3-10% per trade. Cumulative annual returns range from 30% to over 60%. 

Trades are posted daily within an hour of the close. You receive an email notification they are ready.

Act on them in the extended pm session or first thing in the morning.

Some days I also place options trades on these same 3xETFs. They often score over 100% returns on a trade.

It's cheap, it's fast, it's easy.

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Investment Trend Timer

This is my free service for trend followers. You need to know the trends to be able to invest in the right ones. This weekly report gives you long and medium-term trends on all the important investment vehicles. Included are long-term trading systems making long and short calls. It is a great tool to have in your investing arsenal. 

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ETF Charts and Trades

Swing trading 3x ETFs with a 2 to 10 day time horizon can create explosive gains. I use the most liquid ETFs that also have liquid options to put together trades for you. Place them in the morning, if not in extended hours trading, and wait for the targets to get hit. I put on one to four trades per week for around 45% annual return.  

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Investing education

If you would like to only be notified when I put on a free investing webinar such as the annual "Investing landscape for 2018" (don't miss this one!) or some of our mid-year updates, please provide your email here. Some specific stock picks are included in these events. This is perfect for the long-term investor who wants a free quarterly assessment of the markets.

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SPY trades

In this example from 2015 I took several trades in a sideways choppy market. Profit targets were hit. I show static and dynamic support and resistance lines and not shown on this image are oscillators and volume indicators. In 2015 I took over 19% out of the SPY in less than 6 months. I have since added the other ETFs I now trade. It opens up more high probability trades and allows for more than one position open at a time. 

UVXY is my favorite options trade. 

I scored over 200% each on these 3 day trades. The fear index moves independently from the stock indices, though often in the opposite way. It is an excellent advance indicator for the feel of the market. As a leveraged ETF it has a decidedly negative bias and needs to be traded with that in mind. It is an explosive trading vehicle for serious traders. 

2018 - Is the Bear market coming?

Find out more in January 2018 when I do a complete review of the important markets. Line out what I see for the next year and for the next five to ten years. Be prepared for next year, join this webinar. The virtual room can only hold 1000 visitors, first come - first serve.


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