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About Me

Let me take a philosophical angle on the topic:

As a famous yogi stated: Ask yourself the question: "Who am I ?"

Ask yourself the question and let yourself deepen into the thought. As you do so, you remove your ego and yourself from the picture and you can let the world become one.

Your trading will benefit.

Who am I?  It's not about me....

 Just Be! Let the markets guide you.

Listen! She is talking.      (Husbands understand this, but it applies the markets too).

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On the other hand you might be curious who is writing these trading posts. I am a family man, home designer/builder, carpenter, "Mr fix-it" to kids, cyclist, skier, bass player to "the boys" on Friday night and a devoted husband. That's plenty to occupy a lifetime.

On top of all that I love to analyze the markets, develop long-term investment allocation systems and trade short term for the fun of it. This is how involved I made this occupation at one point. Now I can get it all done on one screen.