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Win at swing trading 3x ETFs

Watch my charts, follow my trades on 3x ETFs and their options. Learn how to take profits and close winning trades. Bit by bit I stack up the profits taking only the highest probability setups. End of day, time efficient and profitable.

Annual returns range from 30% to 60% per year. I place one to three trades per week on the triple ETFs based on SPY, QQQ, IWM, VXX, XLF, XLE, EEM, GDX, UNG. These are the most volatile of the triple leveraged ETFs. It is even possible to trade their options without too much spread compared to the moves they make. 

We routinely take 4% and more in a few days on triple ETF trades, but we take well over 100% on the options trades we take. Play them according to your own risk tolerances.

10.4 % on the QQQ triple ETF SQQQ

157% on the TZA put option 

248% on the UVXY call option

Yes, trading is fun when you win like that.

It's cheap, it's fast, It's easy. Give it a try for a month for $12.


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